Mrs A Murphy 

I started working with Clare in 2018 to work on my confidence around business. During the weekly  sessions I started to noticeably see the change with my thoughts process and so did those around me.My commitment to work scaled to levels I could never have dreamt of and with that my bank account balance. I now work with Clare once a month as she suggested our weekly sessions were no longer needed and monthly check in sessions would allow me to begin saving for my next business venture. I found this very honest because I would have happily paid for the weekly sessions and others may have allowed me to do that even though they were not needed.

Miss G Allen 

I attended Hypnotherapy sessions with Clare to support my weight management. I have successfully begun eating more healthier foods through a natural think , feelings and behaviours process that Clare guided me through using detailed personal scripts during hypnotherapy. I have now gained the weight that allows my body to stay healthier for the rest of my life but not only that I've re developed my eating habits and really enjoy cooking without feeling ill or guilty. Thank you Clare for giving me my life back. 

Mr T Bushell 

After working with Clare over a 3 month period I achieved all of the goals we set out in the first session we had. I would highly recommend working with Clare because of her patience nature and inclusive approach to clients. Thank you Clare for all of your support.