The Active Mum

As you modify your thoughts, it’s important to do this for

your body too, and be mindful that staying physically active

does help.

When you’re pregnant, it can feel like you can’t do half the

stuff you used to do. But many women have carried on with

their usual activities, including exercise routines and felt

amazing during pregnancy. Yes, they lowered it down to suit

what they felt comfortable with and taking on board any

medical guidance, but they never give up because it was one

of the things they enjoyed doing, and a major part of their

identity. They knew that if they didn’t do it, they would feel

lost, which I can one hundred percent relate to.

Never give up on something you love. Obviously, you have to

risk assess physical activity and consult a professional, but it

can be done. I didn't start new activities during pregnancy. I

took long walks, as I always had, and that kept me sane and


But you might have to compromise in some areas. I made

some big decisions during that third pregnancy. I decided to

stop horse riding. Little did I know that I was going to make

the decision to sell both of my horses soon after my daughter

was born. But by then I knew that staying healthy and

keeping my identity was about not trying to have everything.

And this was healthier for everyone.

As good as I am at balancing and organising my life and my

family’s, I couldn’t commit the time that both of the horses

needed and deserved. As much as it hurt me to sell two

important parts of my life that allowed me to feel carefree and

empowered, I had made the right decision.

Shortly after letting go of something that you love, whether

this is a hobby or a relationship, you can start to feel empty

and useless. I didn't feel like that with this decision because, as

we all know, caring for a baby is a full time role, so I was very

content with knowing I did the right thing.

Along with mindfulness and physical activity leading to more

rational decisions and thinking, I found writing a journal

helped. Your mind is clouded from all of the bubbles building

up from unwanted thoughts and feelings. Writing allows you

to open up without the fear of rejection or disapproval. A

journal can’t tell you that you’re being silly or that you will get

over it; it simply soaks your words into its pages and allows

you to pour out your deepest feelings and without any

judgement. It won’t make you feel like you’re giving in or

giving up. Because you’re not.

Always here.


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