Escape from the Daily Routine

“You can get sick of walking in the same park every day, eating the same meals day in and day out and having to make all of the decisions.” Robyn

I understand the struggle that comes with not feeling content with your daily routine. It can seem like motherhood is pretty boring from the outside, and sometimes you can feel a little bit bored on the inside too. You might be tempted to do something drastic like moving house, changing careers or leaving a partner.

This can appear to be the only option to make you feel better and make the situation, experience or past disappear. I’m sorry to break it to you, but running away from whatever it is that’s making you feel these emotions, especially self-doubt, can’t and won’t disappear with a new postcode, job or partner.

It’s like when you’re in a relationship that isn’t working. You might think that having a baby can heal betrayal, unhappiness and trust issues, like I did. My second child was a beautiful surprise and from the relationship struggles I was experiencing, like betrayal in the form of an affair, I did think that she would bring clarity to my partner. That part didn't work out for me, even though I did get two amazing children, who I am truly grateful for.

Not being content with how you are living your life can destroy your confidence. This also takes away the motivation to make changes. From working with a lot of women over the past two years, I have noticed that most were having these negative, masked feelings because they found that they weren't being true to who they were through their behaviour, actions or relationships. Have you ever experienced that uneasy feeling of not knowing what to do in a situation, so you do something completely out of character? I have plenty of times!

Imagine sitting on a bus going to a job that you don’t feel is taking you in the direction of the success you had once envisioned. Or you are going to see a partner in relationship that isn’t meeting your expectations. Both can make you feel like you’re living life in ‘eat, sleep ,repeat’ mode. What can you do or what do you need to make the changes to shift these current feelings? We all have this energy and strength within us that allows us to overcome the negative situations, thoughts and behaviours. Think about it like this, the desire to change equals the amount of change that is needed. To me that meant I had to be the source of the change. I wanted to feel like me again. I wanted to take back control. I started small, but I built the strength up every day to make bigger changes to overcome the challenges that were holding me back from living my life in full control. Eventually, I got off that bus. I left that relationship.

To pull yourself out of an environment that you have been in for so long can feel daunting. Even just thinking about escaping your daily routine, the people that surround you, a partner and any negativity that is currently making you have these unwanted feelings can, at times, be unimaginable. If I said it was easy I would be lying.

But you are the answer to your happiness. Stop the constant questioning of yourself and your life. This drains you of the energy needed to start shifting those thoughts to positive. Recognise the barriers that are restricting you. As I have referred to in this book several times, writing a diary or a journal which includes your daily routine and the feelings that surround each action, behaviour and person who you spend time with, will help you come to the realisation on areas that you need to challenge.

Once you are deep into writing your journal or diary you will start to notice the patterns that you can then break down and commit time to changing.

Be open minded and communicate with your own thoughts, filter out any negativity and train your mind into not allowing more to follow in. Be wise with who you spend your days with and make sure you’re putting your own needs as a priority, by choosing not to be around people who intoxicate you with their own negativity. You do have that choice. 

You've got this!


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