A Mum with a Plan

“For a long time I suffered from identity loss. It wasn’t until my children left home that I realised I was lost without them. I don’t just mean I missed my children, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t even know what food to buy for myself.” Pamela

Having a plan isn’t so bad, right? So, what’s stopping you from creating a life-focused one to support the re-creation of your thoughts pattern, and to keep at hand for when you start to believe and feel that some areas in your life aren’t doing so good?

I use a weekly structured timetable as mine. I write out where I need to be and what I’m there for. I start every day with morning affirmations or listening to a short positive audio to set me up for the day ahead. I plan the small and big goals that I want to achieve into my actions, because I know it’s the small steps that will create the goals. A little bit of structure can be like pixie dust, as my daughter would say.

Waking up every day with a vision board, whether it’s your family vision board that you have all created together or the more personal vision board for yourself, will help you see the steps of action you need. This is for you and should be true to everything that you believe. Allowing yourself to open up to these changes will support you with contentment with everything that you do and everything that happens around you.

My own board works as a visual version of my goals list. I cut out images of the things that I would like to see happen in the future. My current vision board for the next six months includes the outcome I would like from The Not Just a Mummy Platform, my next holiday destination and a picture of my family, looking healthy

and happy. Your board has to be visible in your family home for you all to be constantly reminded of the vision that you created together.

Creating your own family vision board can be a fun activity and doesn’t have to be made complicated; it’s something that all the family will enjoy getting involved in. It doesn't require lots of money to create. I used an A3 canvas from a local store. I then asked the children and my husband what they would like to have this time next year that we don't have enough of now. It nearly broke me when my son replied with ‘more family time’. But we work on that a lot now and it gave me even more energy to make my business a success and plan my time better.

A must do bit of advice: Allow the children to cut out even if it doesn’t look perfect to you. Let them decorate it and have a real input. You can’t create a vision board for your family without it being a project designed by you all.

It’s only when you begin to put all of the puzzle pieces back together, that you start to feel and react differently. It’s like waking up from a dream that seemed like it was never going to end, a massive breath of fresh air that you should mindfully appreciate. Welcome yourself back because you've been missed by your inner woman. Now you have to keep driving yourself forward with your mindful, positive new attitude and never let anyone throw that duvet of doubt over your feelings and thoughts.

Always here


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